Standard Precast Products
CWP standard precast products include
Reinforced Concrete Pipes

100 - 1950mm dia. Spun & 300 – 3600mm dia. Dricast

Example above, if you can provide photo

  • Reinforced Concrete Pipes (100 - 1950mm dia. Spun & 300 – 3600mm dia. Dricast)
  • Concrete Porous Pipes (100mm to 375mm dia.)
  • RC Manholes (1050mm to 1800mm dia.)
  • RC Septic Tank (Type ST7 to ST200)
  • Standard Inverted Tee Beam (Type T3 to T12)
  • Standard M-Beam (Type M2 to M10)
  • ACP – Piles (150mm to 406mm sizes)
  • RC Large Box Culvert (2100mm x 1050mm to 3650mm x 3000mm)
  • RC Box Culvert (600mm x 2000mm to 1800mm x 1800mm)
  • RC U-shape Open Drains (600mm x 300mm to 3650mm x 3050mm)
  • RC L-shape Retaining Wall Unit (4500mm x 900mm to 4050mm x 5100mm)
  • RC Uniculvert
  • Prestressed Concrete Sheet Piles (Type SW 350, 450, 600)